Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Low-Carb Diet Foods

 Fried Cabbage with Soy Sauce  

 Strew Chicken with mushroom

 Coffee with Egg,Ham and Cheese 

 Stew Chicken Soup

 Papaya Salad 
I just remember a tomato can't eat after I add it and I did not eat too  

 Phad Thai Kung (prawn) w/o Noddle. 
I used shredded papaya instead of noddle.
Fish Fillet with Vegetable Salad 
I use fish fillet soak into an egg and deep fried, boiled broccoli add a bit mayonnaise 0% carb.   

 Up side down Egg with Ham and Mince Pork

 Tuna Salad

 Papaya Spicy & Sour Soup with hard-boiled egg  

Fried Kai Lan, Cabbage with Prawn 

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