Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Vietnamese Foods - Prawn Netted Spring Roll

Vietnamese Fresh Spring Roll

In Bangkok Vietnamese Foods is very cheap compare to Singapore. We like to eat Fresh Spring Roll, Neam Nerng, and Prawn Wrap Sugarcane Stick. My hubby likes to eat Vietnamese Foods because he said it look healthier because they’re food are more vegetable than meat and not so many oily stuff.

Vietnamese foods will serve with a basket full of fresh vegetable like, mints leave, basil leave, lettuces, coriander leave and more. The interesting of their foods was the chili sauces. The test is sweet & sour, a bit spicy but if you like spicier you can ask for more chili. In the sauce also have shredded carrot and white carrot. This sauce can use to dip nearly all kind of their dishes.

We’re enjoying Vietnamese foods a lot. I always tried to cook myself at home, especially “Fresh Spring Roll” I did it difference some time deplane on my kids what they like to add in. In Singapore you can buy Rice Paper (Spring Roll Wrapper) from supermarket like NTUC, Clod Storage, Mustafa, Goldenmile and Tekka Market.

They selling “Rice Paper” are dried look like a paper. You need to soak in the water for a few second or until soft before you use to wrap, but don’t soak too long otherwise it will become very soft and tare easily and difficult to wrapping. Actually rice paper is a fat noodle (Khuy Teaw) skin but it’s only they made it dried. After you do wrapping you can eat fresh or deep fried instead. Dip with sweet and sour chili sauce.

Last Saturday, I went to Mustafa with my hubby and found the other kind of rice paper. From the packing they write “Netted Spring Roll Wrapper”. They’re selling 1 pack for S$2.50, so I bought one for try it and inside had 25 wraps.

The skin like a net, it’s difficult to wrap like normal rice paper. I tried to wrap the fresh prawn and deep fried. It’s very nice and crispy. I tried to wrap like fresh spring roll, but it’s so easily tare or broken and cannot wrap it.

Photo by MaeJJ

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Kay O'Keeffe said...

Can you please tell me where you bought the netted wrappers from, my husband cannot eat gluten so I want to find these to make spring rolls for him. Thank you!

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