Tuesday, 7 February 2012

14 days Low-Carb Diet

This is a 1st day of my low-carb diet program with a group of Facebook friends. For 14 days to stop taking carbohydrate and sugar, we only take protein and fat, and this week it’s also the week I suppose to don’t take meat (vegetarian) but still want to start to go on diet plan with them.

Thinking of what food I should take no meat and no carbohydrate, I only can think about salad and hardboiled egg. My fridge got fresh white jelly fungus and dried black jelly fungus. I soak both in boiled water and add slice tomato, onion, and coriander.

To make yum/Thai salad, I put fresh chilli and garlic into mortar and pound a bit, add a bit of fish sauce and lime juice, normally  I will add a bit of sugar but because this time can’t take sugar, so I need to cut it down. Stir into my salad and mix well, eat with hardboiled egg.

This is my plane to eat a day >>> 
Day 1/14

Breakfast: black coffee
Lunch: black and white jelly fungus salad + dragon fruit
Dinner: bitter god soup + fried vegetables

Day 2/14
Breakfast: black coffee + upside down egg
Lunch: fried cabbage + 1 small guava  
Dinner: cabbage soup + fried Tofu with egg
(No photo)

Day 3/14
Breakfast: black coffee + hard-boiled egg
Lunch: egg soup + steam bean spout
Between meal: 1 small guava  
Dinner: bean spout sour soup with hard-boiled egg

Day 4/14 - After the 3rd day, my weight had gone down 0.7 kg and my waistline had reduce by 1/2 inch. wowwww It's fantastic!

Breakfast: black coffee + omelet 
Lunch: cabbage soup  
Between meal: 1 small guava  
Dinner: fried bean spout with tofu 

Day 5/14
Breakfast: black coffee 
Lunch: mince pork soup  
Dinner: grill pork with steam vegetable

Day 6/14 - during day time drink a lot of water, I drank every day about 1.5-2 liter a day.

Breakfast: black coffee + grill fish fillet  
Lunch: beef soup 
Between meal: 1 small guava  
Dinner: beef soup 

Day 7/14 - Today my weight had gone down 0.5 kg and my waistline had reduce another 1/2 inch.
Total of weight lost in 7 days is 1.2 kg, waistline is 1 inch ;-) ..... still got 7 more day to go! cheer!

Breakfast: black coffee + grill pork, 1 up side down egg and 2 slice of ham   
Lunch: fried cabbage with pork   
Between meal: 1 small dragon fruit   
Dinner: 3 small grill chicken drum stick and vegetable 

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