Monday, 9 May 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Mothers Day Cake for myself. It's a last minute to decide to made a cake for Mothers Day ;-) The weather was too hot in Singapore, and make me lazy to do baking. Now a day I can't stand the heat, which it made me no mood to do anything.

It's just to make my kids happy and enjoy dinner with the cake, then I decided to bake a simple cake for them. On the mothers day I have not cook too, coz my kids were expected something special, like order in either PIZZA or KFC. Since long time they have not eat KFC so, let order it ;-)

I still love the make vanilla sponge cake as usual recipe, coz I like the texture it's soft and fluffy. If you like to try this sponge cake, you can find my recipe for Vanilla Sponge Cake in my blog.  

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