Sunday, 6 February 2011

My Carving

Fruits and vegetables carve, by using a colorful fresh fruits and vegetables. Carving fruits and vegetable is not difficult, if you have true intentions. The first thing you should have is pointed knife and always a knife is sharpening, because knife sharp will make a carved fruits and vegetables came out nice and beautiful. Carved fruits and vegetables made the dish look beautiful and also can be eaten more easily.

The Arts of work indicate that the culture lives of Thai people. This is becoming a reputation to the world. It is the art of carving fruit and vegetables. It is a work of art work ritual food catering, to exhibit a lack of faint is to show how beautiful fruit carving.

Carving the small roses from Pumpkin 

I had learned craving from my Thai friend, she’s so kind to teach me how to carve just for basic and after that you need to practice yourself more often. Since then I have no time to practice again, but every time when I see this photo I had made last time I always told myself must practice again.

Thank you to my friend who taught me how to carved 

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