Monday, 29 March 2010

Pistachio Bread

It’s has been some time, I didn't make any bread for my family. I'm just thinking of making a different bread today. UsualIy I only make bread for my hubby and he like a wholewheat bread. Start looking into all my ingrdients and nuts in my fridge, I saw a big pack of Pistachio nuts, we brought it since Chinese New Year, and the good think was it’s already shelled. I decided to make Pistachio bread by using the recipe of Multigrain Bread. I use Pistachio nuts instead of Multi-grain.

After prepare all the ingredients and put it all into breadmaker and it's still works great! but I only set to dough program. It's doesn't work with Bake program. So after finished knead and rise inside the breadmaker. I bought it out and shape itm then bake in my oven. My Pistachio bread came out was fantastic. I’m so glad, it can be a good bread for my hubby.

Pistachio Bread

• 400 g bread flour
• 50 g whole wheat flour
• 50 g whipping cream
• 50 g vegetable oil
• 250 ml clod water (more if necessary)
• ½ cup pistachio nuts chopped
• 1½ tsp active dry yeast
• 2 tbsp fine sugar
• ½ tsp salt

For Bread machine
1. Put everything into the bread machine and set to “dough” program and let it work until finish about 1½ hours.
2. Take the dough out from bread machine and roll it up like swiss roll and place it, seam side down, into the greased loaf pan. Leave the dough to proof for 1½ hours or until it’s 2½ times of original size.
3. Heat oven at 230C and put the bread to bake for 25 min. to prevent the bread get it brown too much, cover with a piece of foil or switch to bottom element.

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