Friday, 5 March 2010

Piping Roses with Tip no 2D

4th times : Carrot Cupcake Cream Chesse

3rd times : Chocolate Cupcake Peanutbutter Icing

2nd times : Double Chocolate Cupcake

1st time : Butter Cupcake Butter Cream Icing

How to Piping a Rose การบีบดอกกุหลาบ click here

Using piping tip no. 2D with large coupling. Holding your piping bag at 90 degree position (straight up) and start from the centre squeeze the piping bag at the right pressure control consistently and go anti clockwise (left to right). You can make more rounds; it’s depending of your cupcake are big or small.

You can try practising piping on the practise board or cake board before you do on the cupcake.

By MaeJJ

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