Friday, 26 February 2010

Yam Rice

Yam Rice

I’m cooked this yam rice, because I’m a Facebook fan of  I wanted to try her recipe and also because of her  photos look so good and yummy too. I wanted to try long time ago but last few weeks were very busy. I went back to Thailand for a few day and just return back to Singapore last week.

I ever eat yam rice; it does only when eat duck rice. The shop will have yam rice and white rice to serve but the yam rice was different with this one. It’s really Yam Rice because it’s only yam and rice. ;-)

I’m not follow her exactly some ingredient was missing and I realise it other I’m done. A dry shrimp was missing, but it doesn’t make my yam rice test so bad, I can see from all my family eat all up hahaha…..

Thank you to NoodCook, whose share this nice yam rice recipe. I’m a big fan of you.


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