Friday, 11 December 2009

Eat Out with Old Friends

Every time when ever I’m back to Bangkok, my old friends from my college make arrange for dinner together either my house, somebody house or restaurant. This time also the same but we arrange to meet at the restaurant calls; “Rearn Pan Yha” (Rearn: means home, Pan Ya: also means home but is an anciently home style)

This restaurant is on the Kasetnawamin Road or Leab Thang Daun Ram-Indra-Ekamai Road. On this road you can fine a lot of place to eat and all are connect to each other. When you come all the way to this road you can choose what food, what style you like to eat.

“Rearn Pan Yha” restaurant is nice and impressive decorating place. When you walk in you can fill a fresh and comfortable as your own home. We choose to sit out side instead of in the room, because it was airy and so cooling. If you prefer the room and want to sing Karaoke, they also have it. They will charge you by person extra from the foods you order.

Outside the restaurant, where are all the table seat, they made around the seat with a small pool, water plant and a tree, so make you more relax and enjoy your foods while chit chat with friends too.

From this picture, I can imagine this is a big house in last 40-50 years ago. When you saw big house like this, it's most are them from rich family and they have more people and servants stay.

Last time Thai house always had more windows similar like this restaurant, because Thai people like the wind to come into the house and cooling.

Can see plant in the water around the restaurant too.

photo by MaeJJ

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