Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Morning Breakfast as Country Style

21-November 2009 ; went back to Thailand for holiday only with my daughter, my hubby and sun have can’t make it. This holiday for both of us and we didn’t travel too far from Bangkok. We went to Bangsan- Chonburi to visit my younger brother and his family only, we enjoyed eating seafood and side seeing.

In the morning my brother brought us to the shop selling breakfast as country style. They’re selling porridge, Yu Tiao Ko (Thai call; Pa tong ko) and drink e.g coffee, tea, Chinese tea, Milo/Ovaltin and soft drink.

We're order porridge, eat with Pa Thong Ko, I ordered coffee which they serve with transparent glass. When I saw this, it makes me think back to my old time. When we a childhood we stayed country side or they calls “up country”. I always went to coffee shop with my father in the morning he will had coffee with his friend s and chit chat. In that time they served the coffee with the glass like this. I’m very impression that we still can find a coffee shop, who like to keep the old style.

Sea in the afternoon

Photo by MaeJJ

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