Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Color Rice from Thailand

In Thailand now they’re selling colorful rice. The color make from the plant or flower. My husband and I, was wondering how they do it. I only know the color they make come from what plant.

  • Green color rice make from pandanus leaf.
  • Blue color rice make from An-Chan flower.
  • Yellow color rice make from turmeric.

And they have other color rice more than what I had too. Like Red color make from lady finger flower. And black rice.

My hubby carries 3 type of rice color from Bangkok for us to try. When I cook the rice is fragrant but no test, it’s just the normal rice test.

Some time, I want to cook porridge, I’ll use the green color one, because your porridge came is fragrant and nice test. If I want to eat Indian Rice or biryani rice, very simple I just use yellow rice and add the chicken drum stick and chicken stock powder into my rice and cook in rice cooker as normal. We can eat biryani rice in my style :-)

By MaeJJ

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pixen said...

This is very interesting... I saw such rices but I didn't buy them because I thought it's for making dessert :-D Could it be they freeze dried into powder the pandan, an-chan and other types of natural coloring before mixing with raw rice? If not... only way is to parboil the rice first with the colors, then cool it down and packaged.

I hope you can shed some light in this very intersting colored rice!

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