Sunday, 11 March 2012

Hydrangea Gum Paste

Hydrangea gum paste

Last year went back to Bangkok and have 1 day to meet my gum paste teacher - Aina Lua, she so nice to meet me and teach me how to make Hydrangea flower, which it I love to know how to make it.I has asked her buy for me the Hydrangea cutter too and she came to my place and teach me roughly or basic to know how to make because we don't have much time for it. I very appreciate her so much that's she came just to teach me this.  

After I came back to Singapore, I have no time to do it until today ;-) and 1st one I made it not good and not the right way too. This is 2nd time I make after I shown her my 1st made and have some step need to re-do, even though I though it’s OK, but still not the right hehehehe… as the pattern on the petals, I used rose’s leave pattern instead of strawberry’s leave pattern.
Hydrangea gum paste

I have shown this photo to my teacher on my Facebook, and she said generally was nice but only I need to correct the pattern on petals part then all would be completely well do. 

Hydrangea flower take a lot of time to make it for one flower. If I want to make the whole buns as for cake decoration, I don’t know how long it will take me to finish it, but I’ll try my best slowly do it as my dream. 

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