Saturday, 28 January 2012

Home Made Orange Marmalade

Chinese New Year always have a lot of oranges at home. This year my hubby bought a lot of oranges. I need to do something before it's rotten. My hubby said to me, if it's a lot why don't I make Marmalade for him, because he like it. Since last year I have not make it, so I did it for him ;-)      

Raw material
  • Select the 5-6 oranges as fresh skin and large size
  • Sugar 60% as the total weight of the orange shell and flesh. For example if the total weight of orange shell and flesh is 500 grams, the sugar must be 300 grams.
How to do it.
  1. Peel the orange shell, then slice thinly and sprinkle salt in warm water and rinse it 3 times to make it less bitter.
  2. Take only orange pulp and juice, peel away the flesh around them add the shell and weigh to get the total weight. Add in the sugar (as 60%). 
  3. Bring to a boil in low heat until the yam a bit thick. Do not boil/make it too thick because when the yam is cold, It will be hard and dry more than ever. Leave to cool and pack in the bottles 
Ps, If you like Marmalade a bit sour, you can add the lemon or Concentrate Orange juice as you like. 


Meaw said...

ว้าวโฮมเมดของแท้ ไม่เคยทำแยมส้มเองเลยค่ะ เพราะคิดว่าคงใช้เวลานาน คงต้องลองทำดูสักที ^_^

Sirimon Pangklin said...

ลองทำดูค่ะแมว...ไม่ยากแล้วช่วงนี้ส้มถูกแถมเยอะอีกด้วย อิอิอิ...นี่ก็ว่าจะทำอีกเพราะว่าที่บ้านพี่ส้มยังมีอยู่อีกตระกร้าหนึ่งเลยค่ะ

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