Saturday, 31 December 2011

Brownie Cake with Chocolate Fudge

New Year for my hubby's company dinner. It's a Brownie cake with Chocolate fudge. For the fudge's recipe you can see from this post  Double Chocolate Fudge Cake and for the Brownies recipe I got from my Thai forum as Brownie Cake 

After cut off a cake to make a cake to be neat, the remainder of cake, I has put it in the cup and topping with whipping cream and did a decorating with Strawberry, it's become our dessert too ;-)  

I have made 3 layer cake and between cake layer I put Chocolate fudge. Actually my 1st plan is also put it on top too, but because of choc fudge was not enough, then I have to change to use whipping cream on top of the cake.

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