Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Gum Paste Roses for Cake Decoration

This trip to Bangkok only two weeks, and I had the opportunity to learn how to make gum paste flowers from my teachers, her name is Aina. Actually she teaches people to make flower from the clay or its call “clay flowers”, but for me I would like to know how to make flower from gum paste so, I can use this gum paste flower to decorate my cake in the future. Before I’m going back this trip, I have arranged the date with her for me to come and learn. She so kind and agree to teach me in short time. I’m so grad and appreciate of her teaching.
1st day she taught me how to make roses with gum paste, and the other small flower, 2nd day she taught to make peonies and 3rd day was orchids. I only went to learn with her for three days because I don’t have much time for this trip, she taught me a lot of thing, very details and easy to understand.

I have known her on the facebook and she taught me and people who interesting about gum paste on the facebook too. She taught me in personally and make sure I understand and know how to do it. She would show me and let me did follow her step by step.

After I had learnt and more understand how to make it. I realized it I was done wrong as before, when I tried to make a roes at home and did not the correct way to assembly to form a rose flower. I had seen her video and her photo before but still did it wrong ;-(

I notice it more easily when I saw my teacher show me real making or when I did it together with her. I also can practice with her, whenever I had problem during making flower, I can ask her or she would tell me whether I did it correctly, if wrong she would explained  again until I understand or until I do correctly.

These are all the my 1st gum-paste works!  

I would like take this opportunity to THANK YOU to my teacher so much for taught me, I very appreciate that.


My Cookie Kitchen said...

Hello Again!

You mentioned your teacher has a video showing how to make flower. Is it on You Tube? Could I see it?

Sirimon Pangklin said...

Yes, the video I was posted in my blog. It's all from you Teacher.

If you want to search her video, you can search in the You Tube under her name "Aina Lou"

Sirimon Pangklin said...

You can find my teacher in the You Tube here http://www.youtube.com/user/ainalau1/videos

My Cookie Kitchen said...

How many of the smallest size petals does she use for the first row of petals? Could you tell me how many she uses for each row/size of petals? Also, are there other flower teachers in your country you know of that you can tell us about? She has "wowed" us with her skill. I wish I could take a class with her!

My Cookie Kitchen said...

Also, is this made with air dry clay or gum paste? Which clay did you use, if it is air dry clay. If this is gumpaste, can you share which gumpaste she uses? It's beautiful!

Sirimon Pangklin said...

Hi, I had posted the details as you asked yesterday in this post http://maejj2.blogspot.com/2012/02/make-rose-from-gumpaste.html

You can add my teacher Face Book her name Aina Lau

I use gum paste but my teacher she teaching both clay and gumpaste. You can talk to her via FB, if you are interesting to learn with her, you need to talk to her because she had teaching nearly every day.

Are you stay in Thailand?

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