Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sardine Fish Salad

I use to eat the sardine fish often when I was study Agriculture College (nearly 30th year ago) and I stay in the doom, because my college was far from my home town about 60-70 km. Every 1-2 weeks or some time month I had to go back to my home town to visit my mum and she would give me monthly allowance.

I and my room maid always bought Sardine Can or Instant Noodle and keep in the room, just in case some time we have not enough allowance for the whole month. We use to prepare Sardine fish as salad (Yum) or Tom Yum Sardine.

Till now I still like to eat Sardine fish once in a while. Like today I have made a Yum Sardine Fish. I cut the chilli a small piece and slide a shallot, lime, a bit of sugar and fish sauce mix all together and add a basil leave and vegetable. 

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