Friday, 17 December 2010

Eat and Talk 2 - Class Mate Friends

Paiboon Kai Yai
If you travelling on Highway Road from Bangkok to North you will see this signboard  on the left hand  side before leaching the junction to turn to Singburi City  

Grill Snake Head Fish, 
This fish is a famous fish in Singburi, call "Pla Chon Mae La"  
Crispy Fish Papaya Salad - ส้มตำปลาช่อนทอดกรอบ 
This dish not a usual dish but this restaurant made is different by using crispy famous fish, It's very nice and testy I ever eat before. 

Chilli Sauce for Grill Fish  
 They had 6 type of chilli sauce for you to choose to drip for Grill Fish. It's quit interesting serving style. 

Fresh Crab Papaya Salad
Another papaya salad but this dish with fresh flower crabs

Grill Chicken
This restaurant's name Paiboon Kai Yang (Paiboon Grill chicken) so when you come here must order Grill chicken. If you like grill chicken crispy and a bit dried, you will like this dish. The test also fantastic too.
อ่อมไ่ก่ - Topical Chicken Soup 
I don't know how to call this dish in English, but I call topical chicken Soup because they are many vegetable in this soup e.g mushroom, pumpkins, and a few of topical Thai vegetable boiled with chicken and this dish I never eat before hahaha

Kaya Buns from Uthaithani 
These Kaya Buns is a famous in Uthaithani province. The people whose went their or pass by this province will always stop and buy it. Last time when I was a kid, there was only 1 or 2 shop that made this and was very popular, but now a days many shops are selling either home-made or bought and re-sold. 

Steam Palm Fruit Pudding  
 Thai dessert made from Palm Fruit mixed with rice flour, sugar and then fermented overnight and steam. Normally is Yellow colour but this shop made grey colour look unusual but the test is the same.

We all are friends for exactly 30th years in next month 2011. We still keep in touch all the time and every two year we'll having big meeting for our all class mate from Singburi Agriculture Year 1981.  

Photo by ; MaeJJ
Place of eating ; Paiboon Kai Yai, Singburi  

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