Friday, 17 December 2010

Eat and Talk 1 - MaeJJ Groups

Every time I went back to Bangkok, our group will arrange to meet for eat and talk. This time also the same, we meet at my house everybody brought a pot luck. We told them to bring food or whatever if they can.
We don’t like to go restaurant, there had many reason, 1st we can’t stay longer than our place, 2nd we can’t chat openly or too loud, 3rd very importance to us we can’t bring our own food or desert which it normal we like to bake ourselves and let our friends try. All of us when get together it’s more like to talk abut food, baking, cake decoration, hand-craft and other thing.

MaeJJ group meeting in  Bangkok - Nonthaburi

Eat and Talk

Eat, Eat and Talk 

เค้กส้ม By Aly

Fresh Coconut Cake By Aly 
Sesame Ball 

Steam Crap By NinJa

Tapioca Grill with Syrup by Nim 

Grill Chicken By Pavita

Brownies By P'Koo

Matum Cake By Wee_Nong

Crape Roll with Caramel By Wee_Nong
Still eat and talk 

After eat every body posting
young lady offer dessert to old lady hahahaha
Photo by MaeJJ
Place ; MaeJJ's house - Prachachern Nonthaburi 

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