Saturday, 14 March 2009

Batang Fish with Black Pepper Sauce

I have made this dish last Sunday. This week very busy with my works, so I have no time to post or update my blog. Now and then have a little time from my weekend.

This fish in Singapore the calls “BATANG” and the English name is Mackerel Fish. The meat is soft and smooth, the skin has Omega Oil 6. My children like this fish, because it doesn't have too many bones. Today I made a simple and easy dish.

I fried the fish in a source pan, a little bit of oil. Fried both side till cook and set aside. After that you use the same pan put a bit of oil and then fried slide onion, garlic, and ginger shred fried until transparent then add black pepper sauce. If you find the sauce too dry you can add a bit of water.

Then put down the fried fish into the pan. Stew fishes for a minute to let the sauce go into the meat, but not to long otherwise the meat will become too hard. Take it out from the pan and serve with hot rice.

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