Saturday, 10 January 2009

Khanom Medkanoon - ขนมเม็ดขนุน

Khanom Medkanoon "Jackfruit Seed"

Named for their resemblance to jackfruit seeds, these tiny desserts are a sugary delight. It' s made from a mung bean paste, then roll the shape like "jackfruit seed", coated with egg york and cook one more time in sugar syrup.

cook and photo by MaeJJ


pixen said...

Sawadhee kha Maejj

I Stumbled upon your blog while looking for have really interesting food blog! I'm interested in learning more about Thai food and also learning how to cook them. Thank you for sharing them and I hope to see more recipes from you and family na kha.

I sent you invitation to join Foodbuzz Community. I hope you will join me and the rest of the foodie bloggers!

Khap Pun kha

MaeJJ said...

Hi pixen

Sawaddee kha, I'm glad you have visited my blog. Hope you enjoy it.

I have not see any invition from you yet. What is about? I interesting pls send to me


pixen said...

Hi MaeJJ ,
I sent the invitation to your blogger email... as stated in your profile blog. I hope you receive it.

pixen said...

If not... you can go to :-)

pixen said...

If not... you can go to :-)

MaeJJ said...


Sorry! after I posted my comment, then i saw the invitation hahaha..

Have sign up for foodbuzz yesterday and saw you and other friends too.

Thanks for invite me and hope we can enjoy cooking.

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