Thursday, 15 May 2008

Tom Yum Ingredients

Herbs and Spices

Thai foods mainly ingredient is herbs and spices. In Thailand there had many type of herbs and spice and also it’s consider healthy food. Especially “Tom Yum Ingredient” such as; lemon glass, red onion, galangal, kaffir lime leaves.

To prepare the Tom Yum Soup you need the ingredient as follows:

· Galangal - Kha is a larger and lighter – colored relative of ginger and has its own distinctive taste.
· Lemon grass – ta-khai is an aromatic grey-green grass. The bases of the stems are use in cooking and drinks.
· Shallot – hawm dang is the zesty small red onion favored in Thai cooking.
· Kaffir lime leaves – bai ma kruut has green fruit with wrinkled skin. The rind and leave are used in cooking.
· Lemon – ma naao also call lime, has small spherical fruits with are green and yellow.
· Coriander – phak chee is of the parsley family. The leaves and stems are eaten fresh abd used frequently as a garnish.
· Hot chilies – phrik khee nuu are the hottest type and also the smallest, being only about a centimeter long.

Photo by MaeJJ

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