Thursday, 15 May 2008

Roasted chilies curry paste

Roasted chilies curry paste
Phrik khang or nam phrik khua (พริกแกง หรือ น้ำพริกคั่ว) is a prepared mixture containing dried chilies, shallots, garlic, lemon grass as well as other ingredients, all roasted and pounded and then mixed with fish sauce to give them the consistency of the paste. Vendors stock a number of types, each for certain kind of curry.

My mother likes to make her old curry paste. She said the curry paste make your own, when you cook it had nice an aroma and testy than buy from the market. When I’m young, she taught me how to prepare the curry paste, but I’m too lazy to make my own because I can go to supermarket and buy it. hahahha but actually is not so nice like my mum said. You make yourself is fresh and nice aroma from herbs and spices.

My 1st came to Singapore. I still don’t know where to find Thai ingredient like herbs and spices to make curry paste and I want to cook Thai curry. I always buy curry paste from Thailand and bring back to Singapore, then a few year later I have know Thai friend who’s stay here too and she recommend me to go Tekka Market. She said got a lot of Thai ingredients, which true I went with my hubby and I found all kind of Thai herbs and spices there.

After I found the place to buy the ingredient, I had to call my mother and asked her how to make curry paste and now I very appreciate her so much because she make me can have my own curry paste to cook. :-)

Photo by MaeJJ

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