Thursday, 24 April 2008

Star Fruit Drink

Star fruit drink

I make this drink because one of our Thai group friends, they have photo and recipe contest about “Drink of summer”.

For summer time, I only thinking about what fruit juice to drink and make you fell fresh. And the star fruit drink is come across of mind; also it’s lucky for me because in Singapore I can fine star fruit so easily.

I search and read about star fruit juice, they said when you feel thirsty or the weather is too high temperature especially during April month, so you drink star fruit juice will make you refresh

To make star fruit drink quite simple and easy. Just boil star fruit until soft and mass it, throw away the fiber, then bring to boil again with sugar and add a bit of lemon if you like sour, tried to make it testier, because when you want to drink, you have to add an ice.

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