Saturday, 19 January 2008

Rice Crispy with Spicy Sauce Dipping

Khao Tang means in the olden time when you cook rice by using charcoal and the rice always stick at the bottom of rice pot and a bit burn, and eat like a snack, or some time we did scape it out and make it’s dried by sun it and keep, so when you want to eat just take and deep fried to make it crispy. We can dip with our food like curry, chilli paste and then spicy sauce and later on this dish became all most famous Thai appetizer till now.
·         100 g minced pork
·         100 g minced shrimp meat
·         ¼ cup roasted grounded peanut
·         ¼ cup sliced shallot
·         10 dried pepper corn
·         5 cloves of garlic
·         1 tsp. coriander roots
·         1 cup coconut milk
·         1 tbs. sugar
·         1 tsp. salt
·         1 tbs. tamarind juice
·         Crispy rice cake

  1. Pound the coriander root, garlic and pepper together thoroughly. 
  2. Add coconut milk ¼ cups into the sauce pan on the mid heat and add the pound ingredient to fry until fragrant. 
  3. Add shallot and mincemeat and continuous fry, seasoning with salt tamarind juice and sugar. 
  4. Add remaining coconut milk and stir to combine. Remove from the heat and add roast grounded peanut. 
  5. Serve with Khao Tang – rice crispy as you already prepare.


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