Thursday, 23 August 2007

Deep Fried Fish with Fish Sauce

- 1 piece (200-300 grams) Toman fish fillet or other fish if you prefer
- ¼ cup green mango, shaded
- ¼ cup carrot, shaded
- 1 teaspoon salt
- 1 tablespoon fish sauce
- 1-2 fresh chili, cut small
- 1 cups of oil for deep fry
- Fresh vegetable e.g. cucumber, lettuce

1. Clean the fish and rub with a salt
2. Put oil in the wok in high fire and deep fry the fish until is golden brown or it’s cooked.
3. Mix green mango, carrot together. Mix fish sauce with fresh chili and put in the small bowl.
4. Place the fish on the plate, put the mango salad, fish sauce and slide cucumber.

** Toman or Giant Snakehead Fish is a freshwater fish. In Singapore have a Toman’s farm in Kanji. **


Nuntiya said...

Hi Khun MaeJJ

Very nice blog and nice photos. Hope you have lots of fans and members naka.

Ning SH.

MaeJJ said...

Hi Khun Ning SH,

I'm glad to see you hear. Thanks to visit my bolg. My fans is all at pantown kha, they only come to my blog some time but they don't comment hehehe :)

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