Monday, 6 August 2012

Pak Boong /Kang Kong Salad

Pak Boong (Thai name) in Singapore call 'Kangkong' and English name is Morning Glory. It a plant can growth the whole year and can growth a lot during rainy season. This vegetable has variety of cooked meal. In Thailand we also eat raw too. Thai people like to eat this vegetable as a side dishes raw & fresh with Chili drip, spicy salad, Somtum - Papaya Salad and other as well.

For a cooked dishes, such as fried with oyster sauce, fried with chilli paste, KangKua (Red Curry) and KangSom (Sour Soup made of tamarind paste)    

Today I would like to present the salad. It's an easy to prepare. First of all you need to clean Pak Boong/Kangkong and then cut into small length, I need more stem than leaves. Wash thoroughly and set aside to drain it. Bring water to boil, add a bit of oil into the boiling water. This is to prevent Pak Boong after blanched will not get back color.

Add Pak Bong / Kang Kong into the boiling water for a few second, using a sieve scoop vegetable out and put into a cold water for a second and drained on the sieve before add into salad sauce.

Prepare the salad sauce, in a bowl add chilli paste or sambal paste, lime juice, fish sauce and a bit of sugar, mix all together well and taste as well. Then add shallot sliced, roasted peanut and vegetable, mix thoroughly until all combine and sprinkle fried shallot and serve with fresh vegetable e.g. cucumber, lettuce or any kind of vegetable you prefer. Enjoy!!        

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