Friday, 24 February 2012

Milk Bread/Loaf

Milk Bread this version was a Japanese Milk Bread, which is my lovely friend "Tao-Yii Pun" whose sharing her recipe. Usually milk bread always have egg, cream to make texture soft and fluffy, but this version it does not have egg.

I use to make Hokkaido Milk Loaf for a while and a few versions, but this milk loaf was different from the Hokkaido Milk Loaf. After saw her photo of milk bread in her Facebook page, its look interesting and looks so soft and fluffy, I asked the recipe from her and she so kind sent me a recipe. Even though I’m still on Low-Carb diet and I have to knead by hand because my bread maker spoils too.

Today I made two versions, first I use Hong Kong flour, which it normally they use this flour for make Chinese stream buns. I just want to see what will be different from bread flour, that’s why I have to make another time by using bread flour as well.

I kneaded by hand, the dough very sticky quite difficult to knead, if you have bread maker will be better. This recipe uses little instant yeast and took longer time for dough to rise and I think for the second time for dough resting must a bit more longer. I can see a bit different from both, the texture of the bread made from HK flour a bit rough but still soft. 

I’ll try it again when I have to finished these; I prefer the texture should be soft and fluffy than this one. Anyway I have thank you to P’Tao Yii Pun for this recipe, very appreciate that.        


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