Monday, 10 October 2011

Coconuts Bread with Coffee

Monday morning, got up 6 am prepare breakfast for my kids, my husband usually he did himself hehehe. After my kids went to school, I start do my house cleaning as usual. House work never finish one, you finish today tomorrow will have to do again and again ;-), so after I have done my house works, now time for coffee and relax. Yesterday made coconut bread, my breakfast today must be coconut bread right?

Wowwwww this is a nice breakfast, delicious coconut bread with fragrant smell of coffee. Today the weather a bit hot, afternoon may be rain and evening will be cool.
Drink coffee and read the new about Thailand flooded, and few sad to see what was happening to my country, especially my home town; my mum house was under water for a month. This is natural disaster cannot avoid it.  

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