Friday, 2 September 2011

Butter Cake

I always have problems every time when I made a butter cake. I don't know what the reason why I can't make it well.  Even people told me the method step by step buy my cake came out not that’s good. Every time I made butter cake, it has either crumbly texture or wet.

My friends recommend many recipes they said it’s great and they have made it as well, but still the result not good as they made!

Some of my friends told me that because I beat the butter not fluffy enough as it should be, and the other think it's because of my oven, may be the heat in the oven is not constantly, that’s also can be a problem too. I told myself, I’ll never do the butter cake anymore. Until got friends in Facebook group, they did butter cake and came out great and she had asked me to try it another time as her instruction.  

Well the last butter cake I had make and came out better than early time and I happy for it. Thanks to my friends who always shear a good technic and recipes. 

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