Monday, 10 January 2011

Eat Seafood at Bangsan Beach

I went to Bangsan to visit my brother and his family. We come hear must eat seafood at the beach but this time we didn't eat much because my car had problem so I worried about how to repair and can go back to Bangkok. It's spoil my appetite ;-(

Tempura - this dish disappointed me, 3 prawn was 30 baht, after we eat we found the prawn so tiny small, it's look big because it's cover with thick flour!

Crispy Young  Crabs, nice to chew all hahahaha

Fried Pork, for kids 

Steam Crabs this is the best, they gave us fresh crab and sweet, this plate was 200 baht (1/2 kg)  

Squid Salad, so so not ready fantastic as I expected. 

 All my nephew, the two big boys, they're stay in Bangsan but the small one went with me and he so happy to just went to beach.

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