Friday, 17 December 2010

Eat and Talk 4 - Friends

I met my friend sister, whose came from Belgium with her family to visit her home town and she spent a few days in Bangkok so we make appointment to see us. This is our first time meet. I know her and her sister and chat with her via MSN and facbook.

We made appointment to meet at Platinum shopping mall in Pratunum because we want to do some shopping there too. After shopping then we went to have dinner just opposite the shopping mall, but you know? Just to go opposite and we have to drive because my friend she rent the car, it's took us nearly 30 mins because of the traffic jam and the road to go to this restaurant was so narrow and more car, taxi and even motorcycle a lot in this road, actually in Thailand we call the road like this is Soi (Soi means a small road and not the main road) 
This restaurant name "Gal La Krang Nerng" or English name is "Once Upon a time". It's a Thai restaurant but the owner was the foreigner, stay in Thailand for long time. After we got inside the restaurant and we found a very nice and interesting place, they decoration the place a Thai Country Style, look more like a house than restaurant.
1st thing we saw this napkin folded like Lotus flower, it's so nice and wonderful! And the table cloth was the Thai hand made clothe and Thai people use to make a dress to wear to temple.  

They serve the water in this bowl instead of glass (photo) make me think back to my olden time when I’m young. The foods were very nice too, I think because I miss the Thai foods so much so every dish I think was nice, but my daughter said the Green Curry was too sweet, but the rest I think was OK.

Poo Loan 
KangSom - Spicy & Sour Curry

Pamelo Salad 

Hot & Spicy soup (like Tom Yum but more spicy)

Green Curry Chicken

   Vegetable Salad

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