Monday, 9 November 2009

Thai Basil Leaves

Fried Rice with Thai Basil Leaves

Fried Spaghettis with Thai Basil Leaves

Thai Basil Leaves or other name calls Holy Basil Leaves. We use to put this herb in a Thai spicy curry or fried spicy meat. I have bought this basil leaves from Bangkok when I went back. In Singapore you can find it at the KK market too, but because my mum she planted a lot of Thai’s herb included basil, so she just cut a big bunch and asked me to bring back.

Basil leaves cannot keep to long. When ever I got a lot of this basil leaves. I did a fried with oil and keep it. My method was I washed and pick out the leaves from stem and dried it, pound the garlic, chilli and pepper together and then bring to fried with basil leaves. I put it in the bottle and keep in the fridge. When ever I want to use just scoop 1 tbsp and fried with meat, rice or even spaghettis.

Enjoy yourself!!

Photo my MaeJJ

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