Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Khanom Saibua - ขนมสายบัว

Khanom Saibua made from lotus stock mix with coconut shreded,rice flour,sugar,a bit of salt. Wrap in banana leaf and steam it. This is the first time I have made these Thai dessert because normally we made like this from banana instead of lotus stock.

My friend "Pa Dang" she bought this dessert from the market near by her house and gave me try it. At fist I didn't know what is make from. I only thinking made from banana. When she told me is not banana, it's lotus stock. I so wondering never eat this befor. I told her I will try to make one day.

In Singapore a bit difficult to find the lotus stock but you can fine lotus roots more easy. Because Chinese people here use to cook a soup.

I came back to Bangkok during this holiday, and so easily to find many lotus stock. I bought it from the market and made this with my Mum. After let my family, brother-sister in law and also some friends to try, everybody said the same "I never eat this before" hahaha :-)

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