Friday, 5 September 2008

Red Bean Pao

I got this recipe from my friend "Lynda". She stays in Malaysia and I know her by one of my Thai friend. Lynda told me this recipe from her mother in law. (must be very nice because from old people hahaha) She has tried it before and it’s very good, soft & nice.

Thank you so much “Lynda” for you to sharing this recipe with me.

I have made this Red Bean Pao yesterday, and when my hubby eat it, he said nice! The textures of Pao is soft and nice, but the Red Bean I didn’t follow her recipe. I made my own and not so sweet.

I made this Pao by using my bread maker to knead the dough. I just add all ingredients into my bread maker and set the “dough” programs and let the machine knead about 30 mins. and rest for 45-60 mins. After you fill in the red bean, rest for 10-15 mins and bring to steam about 15-20 mins.


Lynda said...

Looks great !! My pleasure to share with you.

MaeJJ said...

Hi Lynda,

Thanks for coming to visit my blog and thanks again for your recipe!

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