Saturday, 24 May 2008

Pecan Sticky Buns

Normally my family doesn’t like the cinnamon rolls or buns because of the smell of cinnamon powder. I found this recipe from the blog call "Nook & Pantry" by searching from Google. Her blog is very interesting. She took photo so beautiful and looks professional.

I have tried her Pecan Sticky Buns recipe and the result came out was wonderful, my hubby and my kids love it. So I have to take this opportunity to “THANKS” to her for sharing her recipe to us. Thank you! (Xie Xie)

These sticky buns the texture of the bread was very nice and fluffy. Actually I don’t like the make soft buns so often. My hubby likes to eat multigrain bread or whole meal bread. I tried to make soft buns one a while. After I make these buns and all like it, so I think I may try to make soft buns more often. Let change some hahaha

Thank you for this recipe from

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