Friday, 11 April 2008

Thai Eggplant Salad - Yam Ma-Kheua Pro

Eggplant and Thai food can’t miss each other. Thai like to eat raw eggplant with Nam-Prik and put it in the curry.

Eggplant or Ma-Khua, have many types, ragging of size from that of ping pong ball down to that of a marble, and the color from green to yellow. One small type call "ma-kheua pro" (same type what I’m cooked this salad)

Other type e.g. Ma-kheua phuang, is grows in cluster and when yet unripe, looks like large peas. Long eggplant or Ma-Kheua Yaao, had a long green, cut in too long, thin slice, fried with egg.

I got recommend this recipe from my Thai friend in Geneva. He likes to eat Ma kheua pro so much and he create this dish. Actually I never eat raw one. All the time I must cook it, but when I tried this dish, I found it’s not so difficult to eat it, like what I thought. Even my hubby also wondering, how come I can eat raw eggplants? Now I can eat raw eggplant hahaha………..

Thank you to my lovely friend "Chainoi", whose sharing this recipe with me.

Cook & Photo by MaeJJ

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