Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Glutinous Rice

Cook Sticky rice by Microwave using method 6-6-2
(6-6-2 means time for cooking)
Method :
1. Wash sticky rice or glutinous rice and put in a blow add water just like you cook normal rice (normally I just measuring by my finger level or cover my palm)

2. Cover the blow and put it in microwave, set to high and cook for 6 mins.
Take out and stir the sticky rice, in this state if the water too much you can scoop out some, but if the water too little then add a bit water.

3. Put the blow in microwave again and this time you can cook at high for 6 mins and stir again and put it in again other 2 mins.

4. Bring it our and stir again and clover for a while, then you can eat it.

- I use to cook 1-2 cups of sticky rice, so the time for cooking method is 6-8 only. Which it means, I will cook 1st time 6 mins and 2nd time 8 mins
- If you want to add some ingredients e.g. soy sauce, black sauce, some meat and other. You should add the 3 step. Put all ingredients in the blow and cook for 8 mins.

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