Sunday, 16 December 2007

Pla Tong Khor Filling with Chicken Meat

Pla Tong Khor Filling with Chicken Meat

“Pla Tong Khor” we can fine in Singapore easily, nearly every coffee shop had selling this. They eat this with coffee in the morning or tea break too.

But this is a Chinese Dish. One day we went to eat dinner in the restaurant, we order this dish for the kids and my kids like it so much. It’s filling with fish paste and deep fried until it crispy. They’re serving this dish with tartar sauce or sweet & sour sauce.

I decide to try to make it myself by using the “Pla Tong Kor” ready make. I bought from market (you can find it from Yong Tao Fu shop) Then I filling in with chicken meat, deep fried and serving with tartar sauce.

You should try it yourself at home!!

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